Water Park Project

How to Open a Water Park

  • Work with a business consultant to determine if a water park in your area is a feasible investment. The consultant can weigh the initial costs and potential return in the first few years. Paying for a feasibility study.
  • Pick a large area to house your water park. Keep in mind that the attractions at a water park are large. Buy or rent the land that is big enough.
  • Get the layout (AUTO CAD) of the land with elevation, condition around the land(main road position, if there is a lake or sea next to the land etc)
  • Find the water park equipment supplier and tell them your budget, what kind of water park you want or what rides you want
  • With the material above supplier will offer you the master plan of the water park under 5000 sqm is free. ( Design for landscape is charged item).

Water Park (Theme Park) Project – SRI LANKA

1 st time in Sri Lanka going to introduce international standard Water Park for Locals & International tourists. It may become No 1 Water Park in well located place of the country.

The proposed project carries both commercial and social benefits for the proponents and the local community.

Proposed Project

Project Type: Outdoor Water Park (manufactured in CHINA)
Land Size: 20,000 sqm
Equipment selection: Tornado slide, Rainbow slide, spiral slide, free fall side, water house, wave pool, tornado slide free fall slide.
Estimated Budget: USD 3 Million (equipment / installation / Contraction)
Cost of Land (7 Acres): USD 150,000
Cost for road access & parking: USD 50,000
Total investment: USD 3.2 Million
Target Income per year: USD 600,000 (base on USD 15 per person entrance ticket)
Constriction Period: 7 months to finish all the equipment installation
Proposed Project Location: CHILAW (Google Map: 7°37'59.5"N 79°52'31.9"E )